Teaching Wedding Photography at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA

Teaching wedding photography to a group of Brooks students was truly an honor.  Brooks is one of the most prestigious photography schools in the world! (and yes, I would have said that even before I was asked to teach there!)  The certification program lasts for several months, but each course is only 3 weekends long (all day Saturday and all day Sunday).

Here are the brave 9 students who took the class and are now going to be the future of wedding photography:This is an image of one of the students I took during a lighting demonstration (thanks Marina!):Because this was the first of several classes, we focused on the basics.  Therefore, instead of getting models, I was the one stuck in front of the camera…  I’m definitely more comfortable BEHIND the camera!And lastly, I want to share some of the work that the students took!  After just 3 weekends, here are a few of the images they turned in for the final portfolio review (pretty sweet eh!!): A very big thanks to Tim Meyer!!

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