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Wedding Photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography

Kelly and Joe contacted Brooks in hopes of getting married on the gorgeous Ventura campus and have a class serve as the photographers.  My Wedding Photography class, along with a few students from Tony Corbell’s class, took advantage of the opportunity!  It was a fun challenge to teach, photograph and interact well, all at the...

Which digital camera should I buy?

I get this question a lot….especially around the holidays!  So…in hopes of helping more than one at a time, here is my best attempt at answering: First, for those looking for Point and Shoot Cameras: These are the smaller, usually cheaper and portable variety of cameras with a lens attached that typically cannot be inter-changed...

What's in the bag?

Now that the last wedding of 2010 has been photographed, it’s that time of the year again where I go through all of my gear… I send the camera bodies and lenses in for cleaning and calibration and make sure my State Farm camera insurance policy is up to date. I was taking snapshots of...

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