Memorial Day – Remembering the Brave

Memorial Day is the time of year that we need to remember that everyday should be this time of the year…appreciating how lucky we are to have the freedom we have, and give thanks to those who ensure it.  Last year, I photographed an event for the non-profit organization Remembering the Brave and am going to re-post the slideshow.

Families who have lost an active military member are called Gold Star Families.  The event recognized the sacrifices made by these families (and their fallen loved ones) and presented them with flowers, medals and a salute.  Each flower represents a year in the life of the fallen soldier.  Many of the medals presented were awarded posthumously.  Thank you to Billy Ray Cyrus for giving me permission to use the song!

For those who have viewed the slideshow before, I am re-posting it because these are some of the comments I have been receiving:

“I am a Gold Star Sister who was presented my brother’s medals by my boyfriend.  We are featured on the slideshow (it’s BEAUTIFULLY put together, THANK YOU!).  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it is truly wonderful that you have shared this moment with all of our families! Warmest Thanks, Mary Freeman, Gold Star Sister to LCpl Eric Scott Freeman USMC”

“I’m not normally an emotional guy, being a Marine and all but when I played Some Gave All, I broke down in tears.  Your presentation honoring my fallen brothers was so overpowering that I could not control my emotions.  Thank you for this.  Michael, USMC 1975-1982”

“I just finished viewing the tribute you made in  As One who “Stood Through” I was extremely moved by your work and the tribute it paid to those who gave all, including the loved ones you so artfully portrayed in this tribute.  I thank you, and will go to my grave remembering.  – Robert T. Ritchie, Captain, USCG Retired”

“I had the great pleasure and honor to view your photographic presentation titled “Remembering the Brave.”  Thank you so very much.  I don’t believe I have viewed anything that touched my soul as deeply and reminded me what a great honor it is to be a member of the U.S. Marine Corps family. You should take great pride in the knowledge that your outstanding presentation will be appreciated by so many who have dedicated their lives to the spirit of our great country.  Thank you.  Bill McClure Member, Marine Embassy Guard Association Board of Directors, Membership Chairperson and Historical Archives PageMaster (All China, All India, Singapore and Tehran MSG Detachments)”

“What a moving tribute. Don’t ever remove it from your web site. David Kilpatrick, MCPO USN Ret.”

“I just received the slideshow from the dinner at the Marine Corp Museum. My husband, Vince, was a Navy submariner and the Hardhead Alumni sent the slideshow email. Vince died this past August and I have been looking for “signs” from him. Your last slide shows the name Harrington on a uniform shirt along with “I love you” tattoo on a woman’s arm. Needless to say I was quite shocked to see that and I am believing that it was my “sign” from my husband. Would you be able to make me a copy of that picture? You have no idea what that would mean to me. I hope to hear from you. Thank you, Kathie Harrington”


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